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Anglo International

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:) :)

Today I received my CD´s Anglo International as a present from some generous friends.

It is the most beautiful present I hve ever received.

I am listening now, meanwhile doing my job in my jome office, excited and joyful.

THANKS TO ALAND AND FRIENDS, who made it possible and thanks to my friends who give me the opportunity to listen and enjoy.

This is worth a monument to Alan !


Actually I am imparting a workshop to absolute beginners, and my main if not unique goal is to make my pupils fall in love with the Concertina.


This Cd´s allow me to demostrate them the various styles and ways of playing the Concertina. If after listening this music, they will not get apaasionate, than I could not understand anything anymore.


Still I shall spent a lot of time to listen and also try to improve my playing, BUT, when will come the next one ? More please !


Regards from a happy man.

Joachim Delp

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I think the plan is already in place Joachim,to strap me to Nelson on his column to keep me out of mischief.

An interesting bit of information has been pointed out to me by Jim Ward.He was present on the night that Scan Tester was recorded and the tamborine player who comes in on the Roamin in the Gloaming is none other than Harry Mousdel who announced that evening that he was starting a Morris side in Horsham "The Broadwood Men" my old side.Also on the bill was Brian Blanchard who I caught the concertina bug from.

It`s a small World

Al :)

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My "moment of joy" was on Arran, 08 October 2005, 05:51:32. The attachment shows the fact that I've just bought my copy.




Last Sunday all 3 CD's were played at Samantha's home. Derek, Jim, Niels and I listened, while sitting comfortably. Samantha, Dave and Jamie came in every now and then to listen. Due to short nights at the ACE, I must admit that most of us had weak moments and fell asleep for a short while :(

Nevertheless we all were impressed by the variety and quality of playing.


Well done Alan

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My "moment of joy" was on Arran, 08 October 2005, 05:51:32. The attachment shows the fact that I've just bought my copy.


Thanks Henk. Hope you liked it.

Chris Timson managed to sell 7 copies at Arran - thanks Chris - and even better was able to donate £5 from each one to the festival funds. So £35 to help it run again next year.

Well done Chris.

For those who missed it, go to the website: www.angloconcertina.co.uk



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Dear friends and dear Alan:


We agree fully with all the comments that you have made about "anglo international".

We liked really a lot the music, it is very nice the posibility of listening the tunes and at the same time learning about each musician in the booklet.

All the cds are very easy to listen, and the variety of ways of playing is really incredible.


We are very happy that Alan Day gave us the posibility of participating in such a wonderful project.




For Red, thank you very much for your interest, we don´t have published a cd with our own music, as Alan Day explained in previous posts, although we have contributed in many cds of friends, etc. (the one where appears most concertina, perhaps is Pancho Alvarez´s 2nd cd, "Nas Cordas"). For more information, we have a webpage, www.castorfelix.tk , by now only in galician language (sorry for that, soon in english, we hope).


We have been working slowly in our own recordings, made at our home studio, as that two included in "anglo international", and at this time we have about 9 tunes, and 3 left for completing the cd.


If you want us to email you some mp3s of other sets, feel free of giving us your email at castrovicente@telefonica.net


All the best,

Félix and Cástor Castro

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Hi all,


I certainly don't want to contribute to the over-commercialization of holidays that some of you may be experiencing this month.


However it is a fact that gifts are given in many parts of the world at this time of year.


Some of you may have friends or relatives whose love for the concertina may need further cultivation.


Some of you may have family members anxious to know what gifts *you* might appreciate.


"Anglo International" is the obvious answer for those who still haven't bought a copy. I think the specialized shops that have this wonderful cd for sale are listed above in this thread. I finally got my shipment and can promise you "holdouts" that, when you are lucky enough to get yours, you will clear a special place for it near your cd player.


"Thank you again" to Alan Day, Graham, and all the other musicians who made this project so inspiring!

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Hi all,



"Thank you again" to Alan Day, Graham, and all the other musicians who made this project so inspiring!


Thanks Paul, and everybody else who have made such lovely comments. It makes all the effort worthwhile.


An update for all those interested. WE have shipped about 500 copies so far, and that is without any major promotion, except to you concertina fans. So, I'm pretty pleased with that.

The promo roll-out is now starting to happen, with radio plays and magazine reviews starting to emerge. Living Tradition magazine are doing an article/feature in their next edition, which is very exciting.

Alan and I always hoped this collection would appeal to a more general folk audience as well as the concertina fraternity, so our fingers are crossed waiting to see what the reviewers have to say.

Warwick Folk Festival will be doing an Anglo Concertina convention as part of the festival this year. There will be a showcase concert on the Saturday night, and workshops all weekend. Booked so far are John Kirkpatrick, Chris Sherburn (Last Nights Fun), Brian Peters and Alan Day. More are under negotiation.

Finally, our host, Paul Schwarz, has agreed to do a banner for this site at what I think is a very reasonable rate, just as a gentle reminder you understand.

The Anglo International website now has online ordering through PayPal for those who have been wavering, or in North America use Button Box, Camsco or Paul Groff.


Sorry if this seems like blatant advertising, but a number of people have asked how to get it. Also, we need to sell about 1000 copies to recoup the considerable costs - after that the musicians start to get some money! So, I need to keep pushing it.


Once the banner is up and running, I won't mention it again. Promise!!



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Like several other threads, I am coming to this one late; but better late, than never!


Alan, Graham and the rest of the team are to be congratulated on the Anglo International project. It is significant now, and will be viewed as even more significant in another 20 or 30 years. It will be viewed as a milestone in concertina recording.


If ever I needed an incentive to pick up the concertina and practice, all I have to do is look at the three magnificent Jeffries which adorn the CD cover - superb idea.


So, to the music. What a great album. Difficult to know where to start; I'm sure that it will get played often over the months/years ahead.


I probably most appreciate the recordings of Andrew Blakeney-Edwards and Fred Kilroy, as I did not have the opportunity to hear them play while they were alive. So, thanks to Roger Digby for these.


Of the new recordings, I especially like John Kirkpatrick's version of "The Hen's March". Great listening, and just goes to show that you don't need whistle or bird call buttons to make these effects.


Roll on the English and Duet International CDs, is all I say!



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