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Music For Reel Ti Me


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I looked round the usual places for the sheet music (or abc) for the Reel Ti Me that we played at the Quebec workshop at NESI and came up with nothing except a book that I would have to pay for  :blink:


Could some kind soul post the abc here, or in the Tune-O-Tron?



Cool tune. It's in the first Portland collection of contra dance tunes. It's a copyrighted tune, so probably shouldn't be posted without permission. Written by Marcel Messervier, an accordionist.

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Yes - I love the syncopation in the B part - missed you at the weekend Jim


It was a bummer. I had a Morris commitment, and since I play solo, if I don't play, they don't dance! But it was a nice festival, the ladies did great and the music went well. But I sorely missed being at the Squeeze In.

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