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Some Beautiful Sculpture

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Yes...they inspire me...I wish I could be that artistic. I want to make some outdoor mixed-media sculptures. My husband sculpts, I love his big tree carvings (I'm not crazy about all his paintings, honestly).


Thanks...it's nice to be missed when I'm gone! I guess I just haven't had a whole to say in the forums. I've been busy with my online diaries, though.


I popped in here recently to read news and updates, updated my profile...found lots of interesting things. (More books to buy the next time I'm near The Button Box!)


I need to get back to playing music...have had these stupid headaches and so on that have taken the fun out of it, lately. Excedrin Migraine helps, though!

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Good for Excedrin. Also not beating your head against the wall when frustrated with fingering is helpful.


Know the feeling. I've been sick and not able to play any music. Okay, I knew I was sick when someone gave me a box of chocolate and I wasn't interested!


Got antibiotics finally and feeling better. :lol:


Hope you keep posting.



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