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Concertina Artwork

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Now that was fun. What a great sense of humor you have Michael. Whimsical and fresh, I couldn't help but smile. Was struck by "Sand". It put me in mind of the magical, dreamlike world Henri Rousseau created in "The Sleeping Gypsy".


Thank You. Oh, I loved the expression on the goat's face.

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Thank you, Mark,

I thought some from concertina community could relate to my subject matter - my work reflects my obsessions like nothing else, thought I share it here. Glad it made you smile. Humor in art(music included), just like sadness, is another pole, like north and south, defining the range of expression. Great jazz harmonica player, Toots Theilmans once said about his work, "I like to be in a place between a tear and a smile" - I think that's a great place to be. It's never exatly in the middle thouh, which makes every piece litlle different.

Definitely, Rousseau paralell is there, I see it, too.

Thank you for your kind words,


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Dear friends, thank you for your words of support, and ideas - it is inspiring to know that my work is seen by people that I actually really want to see it(how else would I show it to concertinists, specifically), share it live, globally - thank you once again.

I haven't done tshirts or animations, but in the future would love to do those. Meanwhile I do sell these images as limitted edition prints, and lease images for commercial use, or accept commissions(lots of CD covers and posters).

However, just to share it with like-minded friends here is enough of reward in itself, and my primary reason to post my invitation to see my stuff. If nobody objects, I'll be letting you know of new images, as they appear.

Best wishes of inspiration to all,


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