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Norteast Sqeezein -who's Coming From Ontario Or Qb


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It's probably a bit too late to ask this, but my travel plans had to change and I will have to get to the Northeast Squeeze-In by car... So if anyone from GTA, Ottawa or Montreal is planning to attend, it would be great if you could let me know as soon as possible. I'd like to share the driving and the gas costs.... and don't we all know why!!

I'd like to attend the whole weekend (including Friday) but arrival late on Friday or on Saturday morning would also be ok...

So if anyone is going, or is interested in going, I'd really appreciate if you could call me at my cellphone number (647-223-0007) tomorrow (Thursday, Sept. 15th).


Thanks very much in advance,



(current location: Aurora, ON)

(weekend location: Bucksteep Manor, Washington, MA)



P.S. Sorry for the error in the post title... I can't find any way to correct that...

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Hi Robin, yes, that me... proud owner of the black Albion concertina...

I have just missed your call - I'll call you back as soon as I figure out the options of getting to Montreal.

And we can not only sing shanties on our way down, but listen to them as well - I have a few decent, hard line CDs.



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