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Helen, You're Not Alone!


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Helen!!! (and the rest of y'all too)


Yesterday an e-friend turned me on to www.accuradio.com which has 5, count them 5 channels of celtic music (and it's free!) I must be very techno-slow because I feel like the last person on the planet to be listening to online radio.


Lots of free reed listening happiness, especially on the "traditional" station. (Okay, they also have Elvis Costello listed as a "traditional" station artist, but you can delete him if you want. I did.)


Anyway, they just played a cut from a CD by a young lady named Harriet Bartlett, who plays traditional celtic music on the PA. You *have* to check her out, Helen! Her stuff is quite beautiful, if the track I just heard was any indication.



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Ugh, I am even weaker tonight. This is so unfair. Fun to read the posts though. Only up to reading a little at a time.


Not fun to have chunks of bone removed. I can't think why I thought this would be such a little thing.


Ah tomorrow is another day. And the dogs REALLY like having me laying around.


Music. Will everyone play me a little music? That would sound so nice. Music.



Ah, I am pitiful. :(

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