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FS: Edgley in DG Wheatstone layout


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I recently acquired an Edgley in DG; Wheatstone layout.
I believe it is an older model, Frank told me it is the same model used by Sean O'Dwyer in the album “Irish trad concertina from Beara" (amazing playing !).
It is in excellent condition and has been looked and tuned by Frank Edgley two months ago.
I tried vintage DG concertina before and found it a bit slow…Not this one ! 
Have to say it is very fun to play ! But I prefer the sound of concertina reeds. 
The wood and sound are beautiful. It has Voci Armoniche "a mano” reeds.
Selling it for 2000 euros with case, can send it anywhere.
Sending it from Montreal till 22nd of August then from Belgium.
(A trade might be possible for concertina reeds one, 26 or 30b,  in BbF).





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