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'Sir John Fenwick's' & 'Smiths are Gallant Firemen'.

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'Sir John Fenwick's' & 'Smiths are Gallant Firemen'.
Two more 'chicken or egg' tunes i.e. two versions of the same tune. The 1st is the Northumbrian Air, while the 2nd is the Scottish Strathspey.
Played on Hammered Dulcimer, English Concertina, Tenor Guitar, Tenor Banjo, Fiddle & Bodhran.
Lockdown Video #746.
When I played with the Oldmeldrum Fiddlers, our leader was the late Bill Hardie & in his book - 'The Beauties of the North', he explains that - "The 'Smith' in the title is an abbreviation of 'Blacksmith' and refers to those days when, in the event of fire breaking out, the local village blacksmith would be called on to extinguish it."

N.B. The flowers in my photograph are - Rosebay Willowherb, also known as the - Fireweed.






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