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Exercises for cross line playing?

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I'm guessing you are talking about anglo concertina? There are several tutors for Irish tunes. Let's see, Frank Edgley's tutor presents one way of doing it. Mick Bramich's book has another approach. When my wife wanted to try anglo the late Rich Morse suggested the Mel Bay book by Frank Converse. This one is overlooked and not often mentioned. Watching her go through the book, I was impressed with its approach. For example, it uses two different buttons to play the same note (at different times) in a tune early on (B if I recall correctly) without making a special fuss. That is something we should all learn eventually but is not often seen in the tutor books. This is a another reason we miss the Button Box shop in the U.S.; they sold and had advice on all the books and videos out there. If you can't find these books give me a yell and I'll see where they might be available.


There are myriad ways to finger, for example, a G scale on a C/G anglo, and just about every one of them has been used by some teacher, somewhere. Once you find a tutor book or teacher, the standard advice is to stick to one fingering system for awhile before branching out. You'll know when you are ready to experiment.


OTOH, in about 2001 I was in a week-long workshop with Father (later Monsignor) Charlie Coen. A student asked him where they should play some common, duplicated note, a G or a D probably, in a tune he had just taught us. "Wherever you find it," he replied. Clearly he didn't worry about how students finger tunes!



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If you’re interested, my ABC Transcription Tools can generate cross-row fingering tablature for both Jeffries and Wheatstone-style instruments for any tune in ABC format.


The tools are at:




Full details on Anglo Concertina tablature creation here:



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