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's Fhada Leum an oidhche Gheamhraidh.

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's Fhada Leum an oidhche Gheamhraidh.
Air to a Scots Gaelic lament. ( I feel the winter night long )
Played on Hammered Dulcimer, Whistle, English Concertina, Fiddle & Bodhran.
Lockdown Video #744
'S fhada leam an oidhche gheamhraidh
'S fhada 's fhada 's fhada leam i
'S nach fhaic mi ach preiridh lom ann
'S cha chluinn tonn ri tigh'nn gu traigh ann
I feel the winter night long,
Long, long, long it is,
I can see nothing but a bare prairie there,
And I can't hear a wave coming to the shore.





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Beautiful lament Dick! My comment is about the lyrics, so apologies that it's very off topic from concertina. I happen to speak Irish, which has a very similar looking construction: "Is fada liom í". The literal translation is "I perceive it to be long/far", but it's a sort of idiom that really means "I miss it". The idea being that the speaker perceives something to be far away from him or her. I'm wondering if Scots Gaelic also works the same way? Seems like you would hear plenty of waves crashing in the winter, so my thought is maybe the song is really a lament from a person who longs for the wild storms of winter, rather than someone who finds winter nights dull. I don't speak Scots Gaelic, so not sure if it is the same there or not! Anyway lovely song no matter what the words mean.

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