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66 Key Crabb Crane Duet - $3250

Kurt Braun

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This is Kurt's family selling a concertina he purchased recently before his passing.


66 Key Crabb Crane Duet, S/N 10023 built in 1946 by Henry Crabb.  Aeola, silver ends, steel reeds, etc ... all the quality construction that you would expect of a Crabb.  This one is a bit unique as it's one of 6 built with bound edges a la Wheatstone.  Most Crabbs had plain edges.  Overhauled by Nigel Sture in 2019/  Compass F2 to F6.  Plays great, looks great.  With hard case.  $3250.


Please email nmolivier at yahoo dot com if interested.









Edited by Kurt Braun
Wrong image and wrong compass
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