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Crane Duet, Maybe a Lachenal?

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I picked up my 2nd concertina from Craigslist today and I'd love to know more about it if possible. The seller had inherited it and didn't know the provenance beyond ebay. 


It's a 35 key Crane duet with five-fold bellows.  The keys are colored, with C being marked in red.


There isn't a makers mark or label on it, but there is a serial 4398 on the left hand side. The right side has an oval that I assume had a label on it at some point. 


There are some marks on the right hand rest that read "English Make" with what looks to be a reed between, and the words "trade mark" above and below. "Steel Reed" is stamped on the top of the hand rest. Both hand straps are embossed with five-petaled flower. 


It has some features that match Lachenal but my, admittedly limited, internet research hasn't been able to provide a positive ID. Also, it's really pretty and I wanted to share some pictures. 


Any help or information would be much appreciated. Similarly, any advice on how to stop buying additional concertinas would be quite helpful. 


Left side:



Right side:



Right hand rest detail:







I appears to very similar to this instrument


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The hand rests are definitely Lachenal, so probably the rest is too. Early Cranes, dating from 1895 up to ~1909, came from Crane themselves, and I suspect the 4398 may be their serial number. The Lachenal serial should be inside, on many of the components like the bellows, reed pans, etc.

6 hours ago, DootDoot said:

Similarly, any advice on how to stop buying additional concertinas would be quite helpful. 

That's one thing we can't advise on, as almost everybody has the same problem! But as you acquire more, you'll find that you have favourites, and others don't get used much, so pass them on, or sell them on the forum here. I have 4, 2 anglos and 2 duets, and my wife has 3 English. Most were purchased in the 1970s/80s, except one I got a month ago.

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I've had time to look at the Lachenal database. The nearest Crane number to yours is 5753 on Lachenal Crane serial 360, which we'd estimate roughly as around 1903. I couldn't see the 4398 on the display I was using before but, if a Lachenal serial, that would be estimated as around 1926. But no guarentees either date is correct !

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Thanks for the information Wes, much appreciated.  I'll take a look for internal serial numbers through the fretwork.  I guess I need to read up on antique instrument maintenance now.

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