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Stagi Anglo Concertina C/G

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I have just purchased my first Anglo Concertina (from a shop) as a complete beginner. It is second-hand and I did not pay a lot for it but was told it had never been fitted with a reed for the C button on the right hand. You can play a B but not the high C. 


Never having played a concertina before, I was unaware this means you can't even play the C Scale and the first tune in the tutor book I have purchased 'When the Saints Go Marching In' can't be played either as it has the high c note in it. 


My question is - should I return the concertina for a refund and buy another one, or can it be modified/fitted with a reed? 


All comments welcome - many thanks. 



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There is no way this concertina was built with a missing reed on purpose. You've been sold damaged goods and the seller is trying to cover it up.


The damage might be very easy to repair — it could be as simple as a piece of fluff stuck in the reed, which is incredibly easy to fix. Or it could be impossible to repair — the whole reed could be cracked or broken off. If you feel like tinkering, you can open it up and see what you can find out.


Or, yeah, return it. And then don't buy your next instrument from the same person, because they are either dishonest or totally clueless. 

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Yes, it seems that you would have recourse in consumer laws as to faulty goods .. I would say. Even if already second hand..

But it maybe that the reed is there but jammed in some way.

Think carefully before opening it up, as you must never force open the ends, and then you may find out the truth. Be aware thiugh.. because, once you open it up you could also void your warranty etc..

The shop where you got it from must help sort out your issues ( at least would in UK law) on consumer rights. Do not be shy in making them aware of your problems here.

Don't let it put you off these instruments.. I have owned a similar kind for 25 years now, and play it regularly. ( It was bought new though)!



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I;ve played my Stagi G/D concertina for many years. Its held up well, gigged with a lot.  The only issue I have is the bellows are now mostly duct tape, and new bellows are not to be had.  I am upgrading to a Morse or other hand made instrument soon, but the Stagi will be held for back up.  Stagi's are cool because they are double reed instruments, meaning that each note has 2 reeds engaged; its very full sounding, more accordion like then concertina.  Great for back up to vocals and not too shabby for playing fiddle tunes.  But I would get that note addressed or simply get a different Stagi. 

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