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You want to avoid the manufacturing waiting time? Here it is! Heritage anglo Edgley 30 C/G and Lachenal (full refurbishment) 32 C/G

Lyle Aubry

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Edgley Heritage (#439) 30 buttons C/G Layout Wheatstone (purchased September 2020)  like new! Also a Lachenal C/G 32 buttons Layout Wheatstone (purchased June 2022 at Barleycorn UK) -full refurbishment fitted with new pads, valves, straps, bellow and bushings; bought from Barleycorn UK


I’m from Montreal, Qc; we can meet in a session (Hurley’s, McKibbins…) if you’re coming in Montreal.

I can also make a short video. No urgent sales on my side.

Here are some pictures.

*Private message for more informations.

Edgley et Lachenal 2 .JPG


Edgley 2.JPG


Edgley et Lachenal.JPG

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