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1980s playing of random Irish set on EC

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Stumbled across the ancient audio of my playing over 40 years ago, when I only played Irish music. Might have been recorded at the basement of my late, good friend, uilleann piper Al Purcell, whose band I was part of for several years. We often just recorded each other playing for archival purposes. The concertina was a rather sluggish action Matusewitch Wheatstone. Its also important for EC players to know that at this time, I was the only concertina player of Irish music in the state, years before any Anglos showed up in Michigan (and even years before my friend Frank Edgley even picked up a concertina, but that's another story). So I still laugh when I hear people say Anglo is more suited for Irish music. You either know the tunes and style or you don't......the box makes no difference!


Here's the link to the audio:



Members can access many more of my files on the Dropbox link at the bottom of this posting.

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