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German Folk tune suggestions?

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12 hours ago, Roger Hare said:

I got a little more 'interested' in this style, so I did a little cleaning up of the tunes in my Tune Book. Here are 5 more tunes (in 'friendly' keys) in ABC format and as a score (PDF). I can't speak for the 'authenticity' of the tunes, but apart from a little cosmetic editing, the ABC code is 'as found' (the original sources are cited in the code). They all sound quite jolly - I think I may give one or two of them a try...


Edit a few minutes later: I just cut-and-pasted the ABC code for the whole batch into ME's program and they all worked fine - you can play around with this, even if you are not familiar with ABC. Try changing the tempi (which may be a little slow)...

Zweifacher.abc 5.41 kB · 2 downloads Zweifacher.pdf 40.27 kB · 6 downloads


Thank you so much for these files! I will have a play around with them, I am quite enjoying experimenting with ABC format! 

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