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Edgley hybrids, jeffries C/G and G/D for sale, EU located.

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2 Edgley hybrids for sale, recently tuned by Karel van der Leeuw, and in quite good condition, keys C/G and G/D.


PS the C/G has a 3mm leather support gasket adaption under the end-plates to decrease the too long sticking out buttons for ease of playing.

Seems even the sound is better now, as i sold my Heritage in favor of this speedy player.


The G/D has been converted from Wheatstone to Jeffries system professionally, with the same type Voci a mano reeds.


Both include a case, 2150 euros each, incl concertina.net provision, and EU imports were paid for.

Shipping DHL preferred, costs vary due location. Selling due my recent hearing problems.


















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I think they mean are these the session, performers or professional models? The pro has a different reed pan design with tapered chambers whereas the session and performers does not

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Yes, I was asking if they are the session, performer, or professional model.


@fiddler2007,I do recall a differ topic where you had a jeffries with some keys were swapped -- or something to that effect.

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