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Anglo International Gets Ever Closer

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Hi all,


I've just had the following email from Graham Bradshaw, and with his permission I am copying it here:-





We have been advised by the factory that we will have the CDs next week (13th September).

I know everybody has been waiting with bated breath, but there have been numerous delays and hitches.

Firstly, a number of the musicians were unable to complete their recordings as quickly as we would have liked (due to other work pressures).

Secondly, it took an interminable length of time to pull all the info together for the book.

Thirdly, I compiled all the tracks and sent to be mastered. When I got the test CD, I was not at all happy with the end result. So we had to re-master it again, which caused yet more delay.

However, all is now done, and we should have a package that we can all be proud of.


We will be doing a full promotional mail out to magazines and radio stations etc, and will be taking extensive advertising in relevant publications.


The Set will be available through all the usual outlets, as well as online on a number of websites.

We have set up a dedicated website especially for this project - www.angloconcertina.co.uk which will be active with ordering details from the release date.


The Set is available to dealers and distributors worldwide, and if you wish to order some, please get in contact and we will work out the relevant pricing.


For those who do not already know, this is now a 3CD set (with a playing time of 4 HOURS!!), with a lavish 48 page booklet. A concertina players delight.

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I can answer that question Allison and Chris.

We are currently waiting on the final quantity required by Button Box and then Graham is arranging a special delivery direct from the works in Europe to try and get there on time for this event.The CDs will be finished on Thursday/Friday so by special consignment they should make it.We should get our supplies in the UK on Tues/Wednesday.

This has been a very frustrating few weeks,thank goodness at last we are nearly there.

For advance information as to the artists,the content and pictures etc.Graham will be posting the 48 page booklet on his site (mentioned on Chris posting)

The booklet will be enclosed in the collection as part of the package.


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I was sitting next to Flos in a session in Bridgnorth when he said it, just a couple of weeks ago. It really tickled me!


Unfortunately on Tuesday morning Anne and I are flying off to Switzerland to visit Jonathan Taylor, and we won't be back for 9 days. So it looks like I'll be the last on the forum to hear it :(



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I can confirm that the order has been received from Button Box and should be there for the Concertina Sqeeze in.It is very difficult for BB to calculate the possible demand for this collection.If you intend to buy one it may be in your interest to order in advance.

Have a great time,I am sorry I cannot be with you.


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We have set up a dedicated website especially for this project - www.angloconcertina.co.uk which will be active with ordering details from the release date.


I couldn't access this website (error messages only) and really want to buy a copy. :(


Is mail order from the Button Box my only option? (Seems a very round about way to to order a copy from the US of a UK produced cd to be delivered to Australia :P)

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Morgana the website will be opened on the 13th/14th Sept when Graham gets the CDs, he did not like to take orders before he received them.

Graham will confirm the costs, but I understand that they are going to be on sale for a special initial price of £25 (includes carriage UK ,extra for overseas).

If you are a member of the ICA then a further reduction will be offered.Graham will confirm all this on his site.

Derek,do not take up the floorboards for the money,you could sink.


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