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Who's Comng To The Northeast Squeeze-in?

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Moving it to Labor Day Weekend would probably make it more likely that I would be able to come. I've been wanting to come for a couple of years now (well, last year and this year, which is since I started playing concertina), but it coincides too closely with other weekend-long events. Hopefully I'll be able to make it next year.




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The sessions, the accomodations and the company were all very good. The biggest delight, for me, was the diversity. You could wander without much of a plan from Italian, to Celtic, to Scandinavian, to Quebecois, to lounge music, to pop, to classical, to buckaroo cowboy stuff. There were soloist, consorts, jams and play-along sessions all sharing air-time on the porch, which was a great show. For contrast, walk through Tent City and listen to loners polishing something for later.


I played less than expected, because I listened more than expected. It was good.


Oh, and I'm the guy who asked Dave Barnert the dumb question, which I recognized as such as soon as it left my mouth. Note to self: think, then talk.


God willing, I'll attend next year, either time.


Paul E.

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This was the first time I didn't stay for the whole weekend, just driving up for the day Saturday, but I feel like I packed a whole weekend into that one day. Workshop highlights for me: Frank Edgley's Irish ornamentation (yes, you CAN do it on an EC); playing in the concertina band (fun in four-part harmony); Matt Heumann's mock O'Carolan workshop (no he wasn't mocking O'Carolan) but where does he come up with all these tunes, the man must never sleep; and playing in the contra-dance band under the direction of the now-svelte Craig Hollingsworth, with renowned caller David Kaynor (shall I dance or play?)

Driving home till 3 am was the hard part. Hope Deirdre comes next year so we can be roomies again. Also missed Allison & Wendy -- next year you guys!

As to which weekend, lotsa stuff happening around Labor day. There's the New World Festival in Vermont (some of us were there this year), Rhythm & Roots in R.I. And the Carrefour Mondial de l'Accordeon draws a lot of our crowd, especially PA players (it's in Montmagny, QC. David: that's the Mont... you were thinking of) Although if I had to choose among all of them, the Squeeze-in still wins. :P

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I could do Labor Day or late October. In fact, I usually arrange my life to make sure I can attend. This year I couldn't do that. It was fun, admittedly, to get the VIP tour of the telescopes on Kitt Peak, but once is enough for that, so I hope to appear next year whenever you do it.

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........................................Also missed Allison & Wendy -- next year you guys!................


Aw, thanks! :) Nice to be missed, I guess. Though, I wished I'd been there. I was very torn about whether to go or not. I was all planning on it. But, then not only did I oversleep quite a bit on Saturday (which I seldom do), but I just didn't feel very good most of the day.


Then, too, even regardless of the physical, for some reason I just felt very uneasy about going this time! Not sure why. Even my dog was acting weird, and didn't want me to leave him alone! He's all of a sudden been refusing to spend any time with my husband, which he's done everyday for years. Dunno.


Anyway, I'm glad that those who went had such a great time! :)


I at least got to see a fun accordion player on TV -- Buckwheat Zydecko, on the PBS 'Higher Ground' Hurricane Relief concert, that night.


As for WHAT WEEKEND is the best, next time....well, probably either would work out, for me, IF I can even manage to get there!!!


I do hate to gamble with the weather, though. Don't look forward to cold...re late October....but, then, LDW is busy with kids getting back to college and all that, so, October might be better.


My husband is under-going on/off medical treatment for hepatitis-C. THat's been part of my uneasiness, maybe. Things go well, then not, etc.. He FINALLY got the go-ahead to start interferon treatments, then he was told to stop, because of bad blood count -- which is kinda depressing to someone that finally started treatment. So...I really don't know how much I'll be going anyway, for more than a day-trip, next year. Regardless of husband's dealings, too, there's just a lot to do here every day.


Blab, blab, blab...guess I've said enough.

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I didn't stay for the Contra-dance but hopped over to the main building for the singing and boy what a treat to hear Tony and Dave. I loved Dave's songs - There aren't real folk in the folk clubs anymore and The last person in the world who can add.

You all realize, of course, that Robin's not talking about me, here, but David Cornell. People often confuse us. We are both tall bald gray-haired middle-aged white men who play duet concertinas and like to sing satirical songs in a bass voice. But other than that, we're nothing alike.

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Howdy Dave:



You forgot to include very talented and very inspiring, but I guess those have to come from somewhere else since we can also add unboastful (if that's a word) to your list.


As blue as that singing session got, I was green with envy at both your (the Dave's) talents.


Really it was very inspiring and got me to think a lot about which direction I want to head in with my own playing.


Frustratingly, after sessions, workshops, concerts, conversation, etc. ,etc., I want to head in all of them!


How lucky I/we all are to have so many wonderful choices.


Have (more) fun






Gray Haired?

I had'nt noticed.

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Just a short note here to say that we've just put up our post-NESI placeholder page which by clicking on the group photo will take you to a larger version of it for those who'd like the record of the event.


Also - due to me not managing to tap anyone to write a review for this past event, I may just make a conglomeration of short comments from various posts here and on rec.music.makers.squeezebox. Any more comments on the weekend?

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