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Who's Comng To The Northeast Squeeze-in?

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Continuing from another thread. It's nice to know who to look for in advance. We already know that Larry, Me, Rich, and Robin (lildog...), as well as David Cornell and Tony Hughes from outside c.net are coming. And Jim B isn't. :( Who else is? C'mon. Fess up.


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I'm going to try to come up on Saturday too. I also have to bring some stuff up to Hamilton College (near Utica, NY) for my daughter, so maybe I can combine the two trips. They are about equally far from Albany, Bucksteep to the east, Hamilton west.


Good to hear that Lynn, Tony & David C. are coming.


bruce boysen in NJ

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I will miss this year, as I will be in Tucson at a meeting. As a consolation I get to visit Kitt Peak as well as the mirror-making facility there (that's telescope mirrors). Play a tune for me and see you next year!


Ken Coles

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Needless to say, I'll be there.... but one thing that this thread is bringing to light is how many people are planning on showing up only for Saturday. My concern is in having enough chow on hand in case all those folk want some and DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR IT beforehand. Going out for a bite is not really an option (no stores or restaurants nearby).


If you would LIKE to partake of the meals there, PLEASE e-mail us at squeeze@buttonbox.com and let us know which meals so that we can work things out with the caterer. Thanks!

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Alas! :( My daughter broke her glasses this weekend, and my son got a stray bill for last semester's books, due Friday, and now I can't afford the Squeeze-In! It's too long a drive for one day, so I'll have to start slipping bills under the mattress for next year.


I'll miss you guys!


:( :( :(

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