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I read the piece in this forum about antique instruments and the hint on making your own repairs.. and it goes for all ages of concertinas also..mine is from more  contemporary times ( circa 1990s)..

And over years I have made all kinds of little adjustments .. most hid out of view inside. I recently solved one issue of notes sounding when they should not have been by simply adjusting where the little springs rested( torsion springs).. this was simply by pushing to right side ..and it worked..! The tension of the wire improved at last..

Inside also now and again, I have added tiny rubber tubing to aid the buttons alignment.

Yes it sounds odd.. but it works  ( Hohner branded Stagi made Anglo)..

25 years of use, and I know it like an extension of my own hands by now..

So, you must all have made your own very personal adjustments over the years? But if it helps and works . It is ok..just  think what is inside some guitars or old pianos!!


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Hi Simon,


I‘m have not been playing my Hohner for quite some time now, but I recall that I also had to replace tiny pieces of rubber tube, which I took from empty dispensers of liquid soap 😁


btw, the two row Hohner had been the  starting point on my concertina journey, and following decades of playing mainly English concertina I‘m now back to the 20b Anglo (just a vintage version now), there’s so much which can be done with this basic thing!


are you playing two or three rows?


best wishes - 🐺

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What a novel way of finding rubber tubing..from dispensers !

I used spare rubber tubing from plate display holders. ( Those wire ones had ends on made of rubber🌝)..

I play my 30 key ( Hohner branded) Anglo ( with all its adjustments made over the years) inside.  So you don't see them.  But my recent find in reducing notes sounding off has worked; simply by moving position of torsion  spring to rest facing the  right side rather than in the left ( as they usually are set). 

I have used my concertina ( 30  key ) for 25 plus years now.. and it has a good strong tone, steel reeds, and made in Italy before Hohner changed its setup. I do not care what some say about them.. it has done good service over these years.. and hopefully will into the future also🌝🌝



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