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Number 9... Number 9...

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I'd forgotten about that one.  It would be interesting to see the Walnut Burl against the Redwood as they look very similar (subject to photo lighting).

I saw the rosewood burl ends of Roy's instrument at Wally Carroll's shop during last month's midwest Noel Hill school, just days after Wally delivered #008 to me. As you might expect, the redwood is redder, while the walnut is more brown. Both burls look great, though I found the rosewood burl to be a little more ornate than the walnut. I don't know if that's true of the two woods in general, or if it's specific to the veneers that Wally selected. Either way, burl rules! :)

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Oh Henk,


Thank you. I read Jim's message about did he use a jig, and didn't get it. Read it as a jig saw. Completely missed the slip jig or double jig etc. connotation. Interesting that I would leap to a jig saw - something I know nothing about instead of jig as in music.


On a related note, yeah pun intended, I read a crossword clue and missed it for a while again. It was describing a key on a keyboard and I leapt, no dancing involved just mental hopping, to thinking of a piano keyboard. OF COURSE. Yep, they wanted the enter key on a computer keyboard. Language.


Now as to whether you could actually use a jig saw to fiddle, pun, with reeds - don't tell me. I don't care. It's probably impossible and why everyone else immediately thought of the right jig.


Nonmechanical Helen

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"006 or 009"....you decide....




I'm glad that you have it now. Missed you at the midwest NHICS this year but I understand the economics of the your decision not to come this year. Excellent choice. Now, next year you can suffer like the rest of us and have to learn all of the tunes by ear without benefit of music. Actually, I think that we all benefited from this "folk process". It seemed that we all could play the tunes from beginning to end from memory instead of fumbling around and trying to catch glimpses of the dots on someones score lying face up anywhere near distinguishable eye-shot.


Enjoy and Learn Well Button Popper,


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