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Round english concertina

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Hi Im after some help please. I am trying to put together the history of the above concertina. I think it is a one of and although it has been known about since the 60's I would love to out all its history together. So any info would really help please.

It was seen in America in the 60's.  It then travelled to Germany for a number of years, but I am unsure when and by who.
It has a Monro Clarke stamp in both ends, which looks like it says Ashbourne road, Leek, North Staffs. Not sure if this was a music stop, repairer, or a concertina place? Anyone have any info please, or know if  they are around or records of? (I have searched with no luck)
And I know it spent some time in Lancashire. But thats all I know.
Any info would be great.

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