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German Silver sheet for making new metal ends

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I've been searching for German silver or nickel-silver sheet to make new ends for a concertina with wrecked ends.  I've been trying to get a specification of 65% Copper, 18% Nickel, 17% Zinc - at least this proportion of Nickel under advice from a respected maker.  It's not proven easy to obtain and certainly not in the size and small quantity I need - 2 sheets of around 200mm square at a thickness of 20SWG - .036" or 0.914mm.


There are places in the US which have this grade in 300mm squares, but to get 2 ends, I'd have to get 2 sheets and there's be a lot of waste.  I found one place which has offered to do a special order of 10 sheets at 200mm square - but I only need 2 (4 at the most).


Is there anyone who would need or want the remaining 6 sheets for their project(s)?  Contact me and we can discuss pricing, postage and all those things if you're interested


Alex West

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UK price would be around £35 per sheet.  The quote (only valid until 30th April 2024) is $315.50 plus around $60 for postage from US plus a bit to cover UK postage at an exchange rate of 1.25.  I'm not looking to make a profit on them so if they come in cheaper, I'll pass that on. 


I imagine that the quote would be revalidated beyond 30th April if we get interest beyond then



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