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Jeffries DG Anglo for sale

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I am located in Derbyshire(just for interest) -  I have a DG Jeffries 30 key -  plus air button and a G drone that I am looking to sell after owning it for 23 years!

This is a model with the nice comfortable broader buttons.

I bought it from Barleycorn in 2001 and it has only been used in a some sessions and at home, not heavily gigged and is in full working order and in tune - in as much as one can get slightly different tuning, depending on whether it is played loud or soft.

It is in excellent condition with relatively recent bellows and plays very well.

If anyone is interested, they would be more than welcome to come and see it(no scam here) and try it out for themselves.

I am only looking to sell it in the UK, not abroad and would always prefer to deal face to face if at all possible(better for both).

If you would like further info, drop me an email to bigfootsquires@me.com.


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HI -  yes it is still for sale.


Send me an email to bigfootsquires@me.com and I can send you a video. I have just been discussing with The Gibb -  it could do with an expert look at two or three reeds only, I recount at the dusty(top) end that may require a very slight retune or revise.

As with all Jeffries they are tuned in tune if you play soft or hard but not both. Mine plays a fraction sharp if played softly but played a little more solidly, it plays in tune. barleycorn told me that when I purchased from them in 2001. They had replaced the bellows I think at that time and it had new pads. All the mechanics are working as they should and you will be able to see that form the video. Cheers. Alan

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This delightful Jeffries 30 key GD( plus G drone and air button) is still for sale and looking for its next home. I only play English style music on it, although this has never been gigged so played nearly all act home during the time I have owned, having purchased it form barleycorn in 2001, when I understand it has undergone some refurbishment and tuning. As usual( as Chris says( the tuning varies depending on whether it is played soft or hard and checking this out with my tuner it dopes indeed vary very slightly. All the notes are fine with perhaps a small tune on oe or two notes up at the top end, which I use very rarely. The bellows I suspect replaced before I bought it and are in good condition. I would prefer to see face to face and I would be happy to travel a bit to meet anyone seriously interested in buying. I am pitching this at £5k but willing to hear if anyone wants to make a sensible offer. I really love this instrument but do not need to keep such a box when I only play it infrequently, ao my intention is to buy a cheaper anglo which will satisfy my needs.  PS I also play DG and BbEb melodeons and Max one rows and play often  for barn dances/ceilidhs with them -  amongst a room full of string instruments and brass as well -  so time to thin the collection a little.

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