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‘Si Tu Vois Ma Mere’ (Sidney Bechet) on Wheatstone Baritone Treble English Concertina

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Thanks Matthew.. much appreciated. 
The problem with my arrangements is that I use a Hal Leonard ‘RealBook’ Lead Sheet, which gives me the melody.. and then I hand write chords and twiddley bits ( bits that I’ve twiddled with!) using pencil which I then often then twiddle with from time to time for the rest of my life.. they being never quite perfect! Since I’m not a proper musician and never quite got to terms with theory (having abandoned my piano lessons at grade 4 aged about 14 (and having a bit of a block about theory as a result of said rebellion), a lot of what I put on the page ends up being unintelligible to anyone but myself, so not suitable to unload on the unsuspecting public. Having said that, I’ll PM you  (and if anyone else wants to have a look how I do it ) and can email you a photocopy of the one I did a way back for ‘Cry Me a River’ which shouldn’t give you too much of a problem and plenty of room to improvise!

It’s on my list of winter projects to address this and find a program ( &/or teacher to help me!)


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