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For sale Morse Anglo CG Jeffries Tuning - price edited

Ed Rennie

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Here is my very early Morse Anglo Concertina (No 23) in immaculate condition. It is in Jeffries tuning.


In common with the first Morse concertinas, the material used for the gussets became porous over time. The Button Box recalled them all and rectified, but obviously this one missed the boat and was not completely airtight when I bought it.

I have had them lined with new leather by Nigel Sture and it's now as sprightly and responsive as it should be.

Here are some videos and photographs. You have no idea how much trouble I had reducing the size of the photos. I wanted to make a slide show, as I have take pictures from every facet of the concertina, but I was thwarted by the awful software and my own ineptitude. I would be happy to send the additional 12 photos (one of each face of each end) if that's your idea of a good time.







Sorry, I meant £2,000 (US $2,500 or €2,300)plus £20 shipping within UK by Royal Mail Special Delivery
I would be happy to ship to the Eire, Europe, USA and Canada but we'd need to discuss that.

Morse 1.jpg

Morse 2.jpg

Morse 3.jpg

Morse 4.jpg

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Got price wrong
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I have Morse number 036 which was also one of the first 40 (IIRC) that had porous material in part of the bellows. Rich and Co. went to the usual goatskin leather after that. I've had the gussets fixed by Bob Snope. It still plays great after 23 years of continuous use as my traveling box.



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Hi Ken

They're great concertinas. I'm very new to playing, 40+ years a melodeonista and 18 months for concertina! 


I also have a GD Marcus deluxe. I love them both, but the Marcus is Wheatstone tuned and the Morse is Jeffries. I figured that as the CG is going to be easier to replace, the Morse needs a new owner. If anyone has a 30 button Marcus Deluxe in CG they want to move on, I am all ears.



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On 4/1/2024 at 2:23 PM, mandaroza said:

Is this instrument still available?

thanks, Amanda

Hi Amanda


Sorry for the delay in replying, I went on hols.


Yes, this is still available.


Many thanks



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