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Isla's Lullabye- sheet music & audio

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After years of trying to transcribe this................

I finally managed to get it down on paper (evidently my "phrasing" as I play it didn't match the actual composition). It's great for drone practice!
I've attached a pdf of the arrangement & 2 sound files, one of the "music program'" playing the tune as transcribed, the other of me on Edeophone (without repeats).


Isla's lullabye w:drones.pdf

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Posted (edited)

I'm essentially musically illiterate (not a good sight reader, never had any musical training). I just do what sounds good to my ear. Fortunately the notation program "Finale" makes up for my ignorance (I can hear the transcription mistakes as I notate them). Finale also does a better job of importing, exporting, and converting files than other programs and has unlimited ability to play expressively. I used to use their cheaper home product "Print Music", but it became Apple incompatible. I bought the more professional Finale because it became available at 50% off during a promotion (usually quite expensive).


Someone else noticed more than one drone note in places: Yes, the optional drone does sometimes include more than one note (one peculiarity of my self-taught playing is that I regularly use a single finger to play 3rds & fifths). So ALL downward pointing stems are what I drone.


Here's a short audio of my playing it, but without repeats (pardon the sound quality, sound equipment wasn't set up, so used laptop:

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Thanks Matthew… Finale sounds right up my street.. will take a look and see if it might work for me on iPad.

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Thank you for the XML file!


For some reason, I couldn't import the XML file into EasyABC, so I tried a new (to me) sequence of operations with this one:


load the XML file into ME's program

save as ABC, and load that into EasyABC

final fine editing with EasyABC (not that there was all that much to do...


Worked almost perfectly. There was a slight anomaly on playback...


Later: Fixed - see next post but one below...



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13 hours ago, Matthew Heumann said:

The file I posted was in musicxml, perhaps that was the problem...



Yup! I'd already sussed it. I've never had the occasion to use an XML file before, so wasn't quite sure precisely what I should be doing. Simply changing the extension of the original XML file from .musicxml to .xml allowed me to import the file directly into EasyABC. This has turned into a useful exercise in familiarising myself with using XML, (even if only a little) - another potentially useful tool in the toolbox...


The ABC code generated by importing direct into EasyABC looks a bit different to the ABC code I generated at first, but was (musically) essentially the same. Once I'd 'got my ear in' this seemed to behave beautifully.


Thanks - nice tune...

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