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A brief improvisation!

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I've just tried my first YouTube Short video (it's only a minute long)


This is an improvisation on the introduction to On from Abberley, that I just posted.  It didn't fit in with the video, and works on it's own.




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51 minutes ago, Tiposx said:

Lovely. Your concertina has a really good tone on that piece.

Thankyou, that’s really useful to hear.  I’ve not videoed this instrument before, so so it’s really helpful to have your feedback! 

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Posted (edited)

It is brief (1 minute long), but it’s based on a longer video (that I also posted yesterday).  YouTube Short videos have to be 1 minute maximum.


This is the original piece:


Yes, played on a Bb/F with a good few more buttons.  It was played as if it was on a 20 though!  No third row in the tune.  In fact the piece it’s based on was originally written for one row!


Theres more information in the video description on YouTube 

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