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Special Morse “Ceili-style” G/D Anglo for sale

Bob Snope

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This 30-key, G/D Anglo is an instrument I assembled at The Squeezebox Garage from R. Morse & Co stock that I inherited when The Button Box closed its doors in the spring of 2023. While it is essentially a “Ceili” model, I have made several modifications which I believe are improvements over the original design. I have used Antonelli “tipo a mano” reeds and added grill cloth under the fretwork. Most significantly, I have added gasket material under the reeds and used screws to hold them in place. This eliminates the need for wax and makes it easier to access the reeds should a problem occur. The instrument has a 6-fold, all-leather bellows, riveted action, Wheatstone fingering, and comes with a fitted, hard case. Price is $2950. This is a unique, “one-off” instrument. If you have questions, feel free to contact me at repair@squeezeboxgarage.com.IMG_1069.thumb.jpeg.ffc2aaf516e047e74d67cb1756f35c10.jpeg

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