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Snake Chapman's Tune on the C/G Anglo concertina

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Dear C.Net folks,


I have been having lots of fun playing this American Old Time tune along with the youtube below.


I listen closely to these guys and play along on my C/G Anglo concertina. All the notes are right there... nothing fancy required. It's got a bluesy feel to it that I really like.


Check it out! Snake Chapman's Tune sounds great on the C/G Anglo.


If you view this on youtube, it gives you the option (click the gear wheel at the bottom of the screen and select Playback Options) to slow down the tempo to .75% or 50% and at that slower speed, you have a fighting chance to learn this amazing tune by ear, from some of the best Old Time fiddlers around.


Learning by ear is really the best way. Most of my tunes were learned from fiddlers. We would be playing knee to knee and I was always trying my best to achieve a unison sound with them, to truly join the fiddle note for note with all the bow strokes. Now with the miracle of the internet you can push a button to ask these amazing guys to please slow down so you can learn the tune proper from them.


My thought is that dots are dandy... but the proof is in the pudding. Best to learn by listening, and copying the best. This tune is so good, it almost plays itself on the C/G Anglo concertina at any tempo you like.




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