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It's World Concertina Day today! International concert videos (and others) are now live!

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It's now World Concertina Day (February 6) in most of the world and will be February 6 soon in the US, so I'm happy to report that this year's international concert videos are now publicly viewable!  We've got a great lineup of players this year, representing many countries, concertina types, and playing styles:


Part one: Alistair Anderson, Eimear Donnellan, Espen Wensaas, Yuxin Ding, Sandra Kerr, Zak van der Vyver, Bryan Creer and Valmai Goodyear, Jon Dietz, Gilbert Carrere, Elena Frecot, Kitty Greenwood, and Michael Eskin
Part two: Dave Townsend, Mary MacNamara, Richard Burgess, Lexie Boatright, Alex Wade, Aidas Rusa, Mary Roth, Gavin and Julie Atkin, Will Pound, Greg Mirken, Ríona Hely, and Michael Jary


There are also a number of players who have produced videos of their own this year: Steve TurnerIris BishopPaul McCannRyo SatoEdward JayMatt Heumann, the J25 Concertina Band, the Hawkwood Concertina BandRyo Sato and a collection of players in Australia. We have put them together along with the 2024 international concert videos in a playlist on the ICA YouTube channel.


Take a look!  As always, World Concertina Day is sponsored by the International Concertina Association.  You can see the full list of 2024 WCD activities and events here.

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Happy Concertina day to all and thanks for sharing all this great music !



To celebrate the date I recorded this song (from french singer Barbara) on my Lachenal Bb/F. Hope you enjoy !


The posting is also in memory of my mother who loved this song, and who would have been 74 on this february 6.






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