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If Not Names, At Least Locations

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Under the old forum system, one had to register at Concertina.net to participate. The registration required one provide name and location. Now with this new forum, one does not need to be registered on the Concertina.net site, nor does one have to provide personal data.


I have often found it extremely helpful to be able to check a location of a person making a post, particularly one about buying/selling instruments, looking for instruction or sessions, etc. I have used the search capability to locate players in various cities or states. Say, for instance, if I were to try to organize a local concertina function, I could search the state I lived in and contact those individuals by e-mail.


I fear that many new participants on the forum, have not entered any of this information, nor have they registered on the concertina.net website. I therefore suggest, plead, beg that we at least amend our forum registrations to include city/state/province/country. I think it still will allow a decent amount of anonymity. Secondly, I would urge anyone not registered on Concertina.net to do so now. Its a wonderful resource and deserves our active support.



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;) Thanks for the suggestion, Dan. I also go check the location when I particularly like a posting. I wonder if the person is at all close to where I live. It's also fun to read the little blurbs people write, especially about the types of instruments they play or the kind of music they enjoy. So, good suggestion.





(edited to add a space between 2 words.)

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Why don't you send Paul a private email, and the next blue moon when he sends an email newsletter out he can suggest everyone do this. Be sure to detail this whole discussion; like me I suspect Paul does not have time to read everything that gets posted here. Cheers,


Ken (revising my signature right away)

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Well Jim,


I guess we have to balance out the time scrolling with the time clicking on the submitter's name to, hopefully, find their name and location. I would lean towards just Name and Location as a signature. I am pleased to see that you have included biographical info in your user set-up. I hope most others will take the time to enter pertinent information.

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