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Reel St Jean - concertina + (unreal) string quartet

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Reel St Jean, by Theodore Duguay, arranged for concertina and string quartet. I didn't have a string quartet to hand (though might tweak the arrangement and bribe some friends into making a live version!). I used Dorico for the notation, and then playback through Dorico with Note Performer and Musio Cinesamples - by no means perfect, but pretty good given that there's no markup other than what's on the score. 


I put the scores and the backing tracks here in case anybody wants to have a go!




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2 hours ago, gtotani said:

I love this!

I will try this on my Anglo + my chamber music friends.




It would be great to hear that! Actually the day after I made/recorded it I went out to play some chamber music (cello), but didn't have the nerve to inflict this upon them :)


The arrangement is pretty rough - I only spent a couple of hours on it (Dorico is pretty good!), and not particularly interesting for the string parts! I had in mind to work it up a bit more.

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