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Concertina for Child

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1 hour ago, Paul_Hardy said:

But, and this is a big but, you get no tactile cues to keep the fingers on the right button locations - the iPad screen is flat.


Somebody (and I don’t remember who) made a suggestion on this forum (and I can’t find it). The suggestion is to make a cardboard mask to cover the iPad screen that has holes punched through it corresponding to the locations of the images of the concertina buttons. I haven’t tried it (punching holes distant from the edges of the cardboard is a problem not easily solved), but it seems like it should work. You can feel the holes and touch the screen through them.


One thing I have tried (that didn’t work) was to cover the screen with Saran Wrap with bumps of glue over the button images. You can feel the bumps, but you can’t interact with the screen through the plastic wrap.

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4 hours ago, SIMON GABRIELOW said:

How about using  translucent screen protector film  with buttons marked on it.. then it will be easier to apply to screen, and can be removed later on when required?


That sounds a lot like my Saran Wrap idea that didn’t work. Clear sheets manufactured to be screen protectors have adhesive on them to bind them to the screen. I don’t know how well they would work (either the adhesive or the transmission of finger action to the screen) after being removed and re-applied.

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I am surprised that nobody so far has brought up Edward Jay's 3d printed concertinas yet... possibly because he is currently not accepting new orders, but given the demand, I would expect spin offs or possibly him licensing the technology to other makers. Anyways, he has a 36 button EC in his catalogue which may fit the bill.

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I would suggest a  CC Jackie.

they are decent instruments at a great price.


Being plastic, they are reasonably durable. And if they stick with it, I think they still do an upgrade program. that would get them a step up if/ when they are ready. 


I think that is a very good option to get a start and see if it is right for them. And if they look around, chances are reasonably good they can pick up one used for even less money.





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