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FS: Wheatstone Aeola 56 key Tenor-Treble metal ended


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I am selling another instrument from my collection.

This one is metal ended 56 key Tenor-Treble Aeola - s/n 26236


Newly serviced and tuned to A=440Hz.


One thing that's unusual about this concertina is the low D#3 on the left-hand side is tuned to a Bb2.


Showing the signs of a life well-lived, the instrument plays well - as expected from an Aeola.  The price reflects the cosmetic imperfections.


Located in Italy.


Price €3750  €3400


Ed: I've uploaded a video   https://youtu.be/pZZ5nhog9Nk



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6 hours ago, malcolm clapp said:

Brings to mind the old song "When it's Night Time in Italy, it's Wednesday Over Here".



Reminds me of listening to Journey into space. The song was planted in Lemmy's brain by the Martians, and he did not know where he had heard it before, but was convinced it must be  childhood memory.🙂

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Posted (edited)

Price reduced to €3400

This is a lovely instrument and plays well. You won't be disappointed.

An instrument like this will cost well over €4000 from a well-known UK dealer (and you'll have additional VAT and import duties to pay into the EU - at least another €1000). This instrument is in Italy, so no VAT and duties to pay within EU.

PM me for more pics and info.

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