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New free reed instrument maker.

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Hello, I'm making this post here because I have no better place.


          I'm only 15 years old, but one of my two main ambitions in my life is that I would like to make and start my own free reed instruments business. Since I discovered bass concertina 5 years ago I have started building and or designed projects before (single action 29 button G-bass concertina, Basse aux peids, 24 button anglo concertina and a few more.) but never got super far for no clear reason, just dwindling determination, or motivation, or lack of tools I suppose. But over the last half of my life I have been studying the intricacies of these instruments and have gathered a decent amount of knowledge about them. I noticed that there is a large lack of affordable bass concertinas so I am in the process of designing a rectangular 36 button single action C bass concertina using harmonium reeds for about 750 USD, I"m posting to see the kind of interest there might be in such an instrument.     


         I do plan to eventually expand my selection far beyond just that in the near future, but for now that it. 


Thanks for reading, Kane Fahl.

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1 hour ago, wunks said:

Looking at the standard note layout of instruments from Harry Geuns, if the low C is the cello low C, that would be an excellent match, dovetailing with the low end of both my C core and D core boxes......😊

Any specific layout you would like? How low would you like this instrument to go? If you are Interested PM me and we will discuss it further.


Thanks, Kane.

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