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Frank Edgley's Handbook of Tunes and Methods for Irish Traditional Music


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Frank Edgley's excellent tutor for playing ITM on Anglo concertina, first published in 2001, is now back in print!


A cleaned-up version of his original self-published book, it has 105 pages and now features 48 scannable QR codes instead of the original CD's.


It is available through Red Cow Music in the UK, Smythe's Accordion Center in the US, and it is also on Amazon - 30 USD / 24 GBP / 28 Euro. 


I've attached the Table of Contents so you can see which tunes Frank teaches in what he calls a "Modified Chris Droney Style".


One of the most important features of his book is his fairly extensive discussion on ornaments/embellishments.


It's been a pleasure working with Frank on this, and we're already talking of re-releasing his other tunebooks.





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Thank you very much for your effort to revive the discontinued book, Gary 


This book by Frank was out of print when I started learning concertina.

Of course, Easy Anglo 1-2-3 has been a very very good introductory book and I recommend it to everyone, but I have been longing for this Edgley's book. 

This book is already on sale  on amazon and I have ordered one. A very good Christmas present for myself. 



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Just received my copy. Beautifully re-published; a great improvement in look and feel to the original, which was printed in the dot matrix printer days. Still the best single manual for learning Irish style Anglo in the manner of the old Clare players, in my opinion!

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