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Help for identification : "Bandonion" with 52 buttons

david fabre

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Hello to the experts on this forum !


I'm in contact with the owner of an interesting "Bandonion" with 52 buttons (22 on the left, 30 on the right).

it is hence a "104 voice" which apparently is not that common.


Has anyone any clues about the maker (I guess it's not AA), the age, and the value ?

Thanks !






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Posted (edited)

Hi again (and best wishes !)

So my christmas present arrived.... Here are a few more photos of the inside of the "bandonion".

The condition of the instrument is not that bad : the bellows are airtight, all buttons are operational,

all notes are working (except for a few reeds which don't respond), and it seems well tuned to 440. 

It has zinc plates (my brother who is working in chemical analyses confirmed this).

A few pearl incrustations are missing, apart from this the outside appearance is not that bad considering the presumed age.


I think changing the leather valves, cleaning the reeds and a little cosmetic care could turn it into a decently playable instrument.

I'm not sure if I will keep it or resell it (the layout is still a nightmare to me).


Help for identification of the maker, date and valuation is still appreciated !

As far as I could understand, the name "bandonion" is associated to old instruments made by the Band company

(from the family of the inventor Heinrich Band).





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Hello !

Thanks for asking news. Alas not much more to say on this one. I showed it to Emmanuel Pariselle, the french expert on concertinas, and he said me "good luck" for  the renovation. He said that tuning such beasts is a mess ! I'm still considering to start the work with the valves but no time right now. If you want so share photos of yours, I'd be happy to see them !



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