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Simple hand rail mod

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As I mentioned in other threads, I'm a beginner player (not quite two months). I bought a Rochelle-2, had some difficulties with it, and soon traded up to a Concertine Italia/Stagi (traded "up" in terms of cost), which I soon had to return due to what I perceived as build quality issues.


I did like the ergonomics of the CI/Stagi, though. I have big hands, and the button spread felt more spacious. Also, the hand rails were at least a centimeter higher. This was very comfortable for me. Getting the CI/Stagi back, it feels a bit cramped. Someone mentioned to me in a private message some time back that I might consider modifying the hand rails. Today, I did just that.


I bought a length of half round trim and cut two 3.5-inch pieces and sanded the ends. Since the stock trim is a bit wider than the existing hand rails, I used a Dremel to grind the sides down a bit, to get them to fit. I'm not very handy with this sort of thing, but I was able to do this without too much trouble. I sanded the pieces down, roughed the surface of the existing hand rails, and glued the half rounds in place, using "oily welding glue". As you can see in the photo, I didn't paint them yet. I'll do that tomorrow. I checked some model building web sites and the consensus seems to be to glue first, then paint.


I'm going to let it cure overnight before trying it, but the new height is almost exactly what it was on the CI/Stagi, so I should feel a bit less constricted on the inner row of buttons. It isn't expert joinery, but I'm not too worried about the aesthetics of it. After this, I doubt I'll ever be selling it. I just thought I'd post it for anyone who might be curious. Also, I've read here that some people find the Concertina Connection Minstrel also a bit confining for larger hands. 



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