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How do you clean your bellows?

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Hi, all,


I keep my concertinas in their cases in the part of the house which has the most stable temperature and humidity.  However, I am noticing some whiteness on the outside of the leather parts of the bellows.  It looks like it might be something like a salt leaching out of the glue, or it may be a slight touch of mildew?  Also, the folds are gathering some dust.  What do you use to clean the outside of your bellows, please?

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On 12/10/2023 at 12:49 AM, John Wild said:

I use a small paint brush with soft bristles.

One that was acquired with this use in mind, and has never actually been used as a paint brush.

I've used a soft tooth brush with some success - careful - the bristles in a soft tooth brush are a little 'harder' than those in a soft paint brush...

Afterthought: ...which, of course, has never actually been used as a tooth brush...🙂

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