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Myers Feather-2 pickups - any reviews?


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I'm looking at potentially buying Myers Feather-2 mics to use with my Anglo.

The two gooseneck mics attach to each wrist strap using a velcro strap and special clip which are both supplied.


Does anyone have any personal experience of using these mics which are marketed specifically for use with concertinas, bandoneons, etc ?


They will be used for ceilidh band playing, rather than recording.


My current mic solution using tieclip mics will not work with wooden or nickel silver ends as it uses neodymium magnets to hold them in place.

And I would prefer not to be sticking velcro or similar mounting materials to my concertinas.



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The Feather -2 works great on my Edgley Anglo Concertina. I didn't need any of the clamps or straps. I just bent the goose neck to place the flexible mic under my hand and adjacent to where the reeds sound. I put a small piece of green tape on the right hand mic to identify it from the left mic; I placed a piece of red tape where the preamp is off. It is much lighter weight than my Microvox system and can be placed in better position under my hands. I put a small velcro sticker under the preamp to affix it to my concertina case which is at my feet in front of me when I play sitting down - the usual position. I thought this feedback might helpful for others wondering how the Feather  2 works. It works perfectly on my concertina. -Doug Cowan








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If you have a camera with video feature on it  and reasonable quality microphone built in ..then it can be used quite successfully, I have found, for audio music sessions.  The microphone will face onto where you sit to play and pick up general sound very much as a viewer or listener would be in position as they listen to you.. and need not be too close to the instrument. 

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.......and after starting this thread, I did eventually invest in some, and I'm very happy with their performance for ceilidhs etc :)

I attach the mics to the straps of my Kensington anglo using their 'saddle-clips'. As I play standing,  I use the belt clip on the preamp with then  lead then going to a muting DI box.

This avoids the need to keep turning the preamp off, whenever I switch to playing the melodeon, and so invariably changing the gain setting when I switch back again!


Looking at Doug's pics, it is interesting to see that his mics appear to plug in to the preamp. On mine, they are hard-wired in.


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