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Big list of Anglo layouts

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In the course of building Anglo Piano and exploring keyboard designs for my own needs, I'm constantly collecting and transcribing Anglo layouts. I figured I'd list them here so others can make use of them. I find it's extremely helpful to be able to view all these layouts in a standardized format that's also interactive; maybe you do too.



  • Anglo Piano has several "standard" layouts built-in, which aren't listed here. The layouts below are not stored on Anglo Piano, but rather are encoded in the links themselves. Anyone can design or transcribe their own layout and get a link to share here (and you're encouraged to!).
  • I have collected these layouts from various sources. If you spot an error, tell me, and I'll fix it (or you can send me a link to a corrected layout).
  • You can transpose a layout into any tuning using the layout editor.
  • As of now, I don't have a way to support different temperaments.

Anglo Layouts


1-19 buttons

20 buttons

21-29 buttons

30-37 buttons

38-39 buttons (mostly Jeffries variants)

40 buttons (mostly Wheatstone variants)

41+ buttons


Non-Anglo layouts

Maybe useful to someone, but not relevant to this thread; including here just for fun.


That's all for now; I'll add to this thread when I've got more. Please feel free to add your own.


Edited by Luke Hillman
added Sean Wahl's 35b C/G
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Many thanks, Luke !

I think this is extremely useful, and I hope the list will keep on increasing as you collect more layouts

(or as users transcribe their own ones since it is extremely easy to do so with your app)


I think it is also a good idea to point to the "source" where the various layouts have been already

discussed, in order to keep this thread as a readable database.


Edited by david fabre
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Luke, that's quite an accomplishment. Thanks. My interest in concertinas is mainly theoretical and it gives me a good reference. 


I see you allow the user to edit the layouts, then save the edit. What does the edit effect, the layout on the website that you made or a layout that's private to the user? My feeling is that you don't want the public to make permanent changes to your website. 


I do suggest that you add a row just below the piano keyboard that gives the frequencies of the notes, for equal temperament. It might have to be a double row to include all the white and black keys. A format with one decimal place resolution would be fine. Such a row would help much with theoretical discussions. 


In any event, congratulations on a wonderful contribution. 




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Hi Tom, if you edit a layout on Anglo Piano, it gets stored locally, for your eyes only—in most browsers, it will persist until you clear your browsing data. If you want to share an edit, click "get link" under the layout dropdown.


Noted about the frequency display. Right now the tool assumes 12 tone equal temperament, A4=440 Hz.

Edited by Luke Hillman
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Here's my 36 key Jeffries (probably built by Crabb).


Note: when I bought it the "drone" button had nothing on it but had been novelty sounds, so I got Colin Dipper to convert it to notes. The pull C and push Bb being my choice.

Also the top (ie nearest the thumb) righthand C row button has a top Eb on the Pull, which my teacher (JK) suggested I changed to a D5 on the pull, as it would be far more use (He was right).


Also note that it is only 51/2" across, and is pretty full, which may explain why it is a 36 key.



https://anglopiano.com/?_30_eFHhJKNMmn_170_QPPQsSVtTX._15_cGGIijkLMNlJ_90_rvoOqpSRuTwURq.IHjlMNOopqLm_140_poSrUTvuYwtx._375_ni&title=Clive's 36 Key Jeffries (/Crabb)

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Nice to see the list increasing ! Especially interested to see the miniatures.


Takayugi, I see your choices for the Norman are different from mine but make sense ;

indeed I remember Andrew said he made a dozen of these (probably more now) and each of them had a different layout.


Do you have a picture or a sound file of the picolo Jones ? I'd be curious to see/hear it. 


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4 hours ago, david fabre said:

Do you have a picture or a sound file of the picolo Jones ? I'd be curious to see/hear it. 

Here is a left hand side photo. 5th button (centre) is an air button.



Right hand side photo for size comparison.



And here is a sample clip.


Edited by Takayuki YAGI
add right hand side photo
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