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Bellows kits - who's offering them?

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37 minutes ago, Don Taylor said:

'Sandylaneman' is still advertising bellows kits on eBay.


He is, only he's in Co. Kerry, Ireland, so malcolmbebb will end up liable to pay UK VAT on importing them, as I do (in Ireland) on anything that I buy from the UK.


"The benefits of Brexit" - ho-hum! 🙄




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Mark supplied me with some parts recently and I know someone who's restoring an instrument with a set of Mark's bellows so I wouldn't give up on him.  Try a direct contact rather than rely on the rumours spread here


Alex West

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I recently purchased some bellows from Peter O'Connor (Sandylaneman). They arrived within a short time and with all the proper paperwork but no charge for taxes have been levied (yet!). I have purchased several sets from him over the last few years and they have all been worth the money.


Mike Jones

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