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Concertina Workshops in 2024?

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I'm looking for the concertina equivalent of the Midwest Banjo Camp.  Are there any workshops or multi-day events anticipated for 2024 that might be within a day's drive of central Ohio?  The Northeast Squeeze-In is a bit far for me.  My particular interest is Irish traditional music on the Anglo.

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Hi Ken,

That would be very helpful.  My instructor, and his instructor, have both participated in Noel HIll's workshops in the Cincinnati area.  Noel transitioned to an online workshop during the pandemic, and last year, at least, he was continuing that way.  I'm hoping he'll return for an in-person workshop eventually.


Thank you,

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On 11/26/2023 at 2:21 PM, Dan Worrall said:

Check out my post of today on the concertina workshop at the Palestine Texas Old Time Music Festival, March 21-23 2024. It's our twentieth concertina gathering there!



I just checked it out, and it looks like a great time!  Sadly it's a bit too far for me, but I'm happy to know about it nevertheless.

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