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Chinese 30-button Anglo, $120 Shipped To Usa


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This is from the "Looking For Beginner Anglo" thread, the guy who posted the request said he was going to do some research before buying, so he declined to buy at this time. So, first come, first serve! Buy this with the Jackie and try both systems for $300! WoW!




I'm selling the first concertina I ever got, a cheap Chinese 30-button Anglo jobbie. I'm asking $120 including shipping to the USA. It has the Wheatstone/Lachenal layout for the accidental (top) row. Send me an email if you're interested, first come first served.


Some negatives: It is a bit of a pain to play compared to my Geuns-Wakker (or any other mid-level or better concertina). It moves a bit stiffly, and requires more pressure to play. The reeds speak a bit slower. The tone is a bit cheezy. It looks kinda cheap and plasticy. The bellows hold a fair amount less air than my 7-fold Geuns-Wakker bellows. The strap isn't that comfortable. The air button is a bit slow. The buttons are a bit close to the handstrap, so it's not for someone with large hands. The A reed on the far right of the middle row on the left hand is sometimes slow to speak (I haven't done anything to try to fix it). The "CScale.mp3" file below shows the A reed speaking OK but a bit slow. Playing "Constant Billy" in C seems to somehow bring out the problem (it may have to do with changing bellows direction?), so check out "Billy.mp3" below which I recorded to show it acting up. (I could of course have used the A reed on the G row instead, which works fine).


On the positives: it's cheap! The air button actually falls under my thumb well. It's fairly airtight. I can get tunes out of it OK, I wouldn't say it discouraged me from playing as a beginner (although it would now). I have played some concertinas that were much more difficult to play (including some Stagis), and had worse button placements. It sounds better than those plastic Hohners (I think). It includes a soft case.










Audio recordings:







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Enjoyed your mp3s. If I wasn't already a beginner with my own Stagi, after getting rid of 2 Chinese Hohners with defective air buttons, I'd be tempted to buy yours based on the quality of the music you produced on your Chinese box. Good luck with the sale.

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I'm sure this concertina will find a good home and help someone on their way.


But your description of it reminded me of the 3 legged dog who was blind in one eye and had lost part of his tail by a passing train, named lucky.



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Are you still selling your Anglo? If so, I am very interested. You can contact me directly on my email address on file...



Your profile lists your email address as "private," so I can't email you. Yes, the concertina is available. Paypal would be best (as I don't get mail very often). Just send the money and tell me where to send it, and it's yours.

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Sorry, had initially offered this up again but my 8 year old just learned the first line from the Hills of Connemara in 30 seconds so I guess its spoken for?


B) Lars

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