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The Last Waltz - Oldboy (2003) (Anglo Concertina, Jo Yeong-wook)

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Taking inspiration from Łukasz Martynowicz who arranged a version on the Hayden duet, who in turn took inspiration from a version on the Bandoneon. Liked the sound so much that I attempted to get a version working for the Anglo Concertina.

Sadly my concertina does not have a low D, and so the initial 'Oom-pah-pah-oom-pah' sections use a higher D on the last 'oom'. If you have a lower D, can probably easily substitute it in here. This song was easier to arrange than it was to play; there are some quite unusual and difficult finger positions on the left hand. All in all, happy with the arrangement, it keeps the key and rhythm of the original.


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Great rendition! I’m really surprised it fit on an Anglo - it’s impossible to play it on a Hayden smaller than 64b. Interestingly, my box also misses the „low D”, but an octave lower, so there is a rhythmic gap every time it’s supposed to be there. It sounds better this way, since it’s always in the middle of a phrase.

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