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Hohner International/Bastari 48 key EC project for sale


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Hohner International branded 48 key English concertina, probably made for Hohner by Bastari (the predecessor of Stagi) in Italy.  This is potentially a nice starter English concertina, but needs some work to get it playing well.  The accordion type reeds are steel on aluminium plates and arranged with folding wings on each side (see photos) to fit in all the reeds and keep the instrument compact.  All reeds work, some are out of tune, and many have noisy valves, so it will need valves replaced and tuning.  Bellows look good with very little sign of wear. Most of the washers from the end bolts are lost and need to be replaced.  The bolts are M3 so new matching washers should be easy to find.  It comes in a Hohner branded box which I assume it was sold with from new. Woodwork on the right side has suffered some trauma near the Hohner name – see photo.  The white marks on the first two photos are just reflections.


Price £120 including UK delivery


Donation to c.net if sold here so please let me know that you found this advert.









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Interesting box. 

Those look like high end reeds as they were hand-riveted. And the plates seem longer than usual to accommodate the lower screw - rather than simply re-purposing accordion reeds I'd guess that these were ordered from accordion factory especially for this 'tina design.

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