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For Sale: C Jefferies Anglo Concertina (1890s)


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30 Key. Bb/f – Old philharmonic pitch.  Seven-fold Crabb and Son bellows (in great condition).  Original pads / reeds. 

The concertina was my great grandfathers and my grandmother left it to me when she died (she was 96).  It was stored away by grandmother in its original box and rarely played (only played when asked by me as a child of nine).  Comes with the original leather box (unfortunately the leather hinge has worn out).


Having little knowledge of concertinas, the instrument has been inspected by Colin Dipper (http://www.johndipper.co.uk/concertinas/index.htm ).  I spent a lovely afternoon with Colin and his wife Rosalie (thank you both very much).  Colin inspected the instrument, and it was lovely to see it played.  It is in great condition with all the original parts and working as it should.  It is fully functional.  Happy to post further photos if required.


Price:  £5000 GBP

Purchaser to pay shipping and insurance costs, in-person collection in UK only (from postcode Bristol, UK). Bank Transfer preferred as method of payment or PayPal. 


Note to Paul Schwartz:  Happy to donate to the site, post-sale 😊






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