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Concertina valuation

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The advantage of an auction is that you can allow the market to decide.  Have you considered using an auction format instead of a buy it now?

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Hi there Tony,


I think the price would be ok if the instrument is in a good playing shape.


As I am sure you know, prices for (in particular duet) concertinas are driven by whatever someone is willing to spend for one at the current time, so if there is no demand on the market, your only choice (if you really want or need to part with it) is to drop the price until someone is willing to aquire it because he or she has the pocket money to spare without really wanting it - meaning most likely underpriced.


Thus, if you advertise it at a reasonable price but do not find a buyer... the big q is whether you have the time to wait or not. If auctions and the "open market" doesn't work for you, you may consider asking Barleycorn if they are willing to sell it for you on commission or even buying it from you.


Best of luck!

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Thanks for your replies. There is no urgency and I’m more than happy to consider offers. My concertina is in very good shape and anyone can come and view it anytime. I continue to play it for short sessions each day, however my main concern is to find a good home for it before my demise. LOL

I doubt the family would know what to do with it.


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